Friday, 23 December 2011

Advanced Photographer Jan 2012 Publication

Already a fantastic start to 2012 sees a publication in Advanced Photographer Magazine, Jan 2012 issue!
I was featured in the 'Photo Projects' Article with some images from my 365 project that ran from 2009-2010 with a small interview also.

It was a complete honour to be published in the magazine and alongside some fantastic photographers who make my 365 creativity look so feminine in comparison!
If you are thinking about starting up a 365 project, or even a 52 one then definitely grab a copy of the magazine for some top tips and inspirations.

I can'r recommend a 365/52 project enough, and the start of the year is a fantastic time to start up - if you are starting one, then feel free to e-mail/message/comment your URL link and I'll be sure to keep up with your progress!

Here's the featured images below;