Friday, 23 December 2011

Advanced Photographer Jan 2012 Publication

Already a fantastic start to 2012 sees a publication in Advanced Photographer Magazine, Jan 2012 issue!
I was featured in the 'Photo Projects' Article with some images from my 365 project that ran from 2009-2010 with a small interview also.

It was a complete honour to be published in the magazine and alongside some fantastic photographers who make my 365 creativity look so feminine in comparison!
If you are thinking about starting up a 365 project, or even a 52 one then definitely grab a copy of the magazine for some top tips and inspirations.

I can'r recommend a 365/52 project enough, and the start of the year is a fantastic time to start up - if you are starting one, then feel free to e-mail/message/comment your URL link and I'll be sure to keep up with your progress!

Here's the featured images below;

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Bath Magazine Publication, Dec 2011

A week before Christmas and what a lovely time to release some Christmas interior spreads!
I really enjoy working with the team over at The Bath Magazine, and this shoot was one of my favourite. We were invited into a £1.4million pound house to decorate for a lovely festive spread.

Johanne from Passion supplied the gorgeous flowers, where she had made up some fresh ideas for Christmas decorations than the traditional!

I adore the festive berry colours, the roses and the plums mixed with green, and the pine cone idea - wrapped in ribbon, so simple yet beautiful!

Wishing you all a lovely warm & Happy Christmas...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Street Chic Disco Fabulous with Bank

My Street Chic collaborated with Bank to create some fantastic Disco Fabulous looks ready for the Christmas party season!
The MyStreetChic fashion ambassadors modelled for us, with make up & hair by the lovely Petra Costello, Grace Kinsgley & Camilla Jefferies
Styling by Sian Hogan & Gina Dyer of My Street Chic

With thanks to Revolutions Bath for the location

Lovely looks with gorgeous girls! Search for the outfits on the My Street Chic site here