Monday, 26 March 2012

Charlie Baxter

To the more eagle eyed of you, you may recognise Charlie from the shoot I did with Last Night's Victory, who Charlie is also part of!
He contacted me to do his promo shots & cover for his EP "Bass, Beats & Broken Strings'

Charlie's music is excellent! It's not my normal cup of tea but I saw his set when I shot for Last Night's Victory live in Cheltenham.
His music just makes you smile, he has so much energy he makes you feel tired watching him and his entire set screams colour!

 This was our theme for Charlie's Promo images, bright, bold & completely in your face! I use my coloured gels for this first time and completely adore them!

For Charlie's more 'General' theme of Promo images we popped outside where nearby to my Studio there is some bright pink graffiti which served as a perfect background.

The Final Product! I'm super chuffed to have been the one to shoot Charlie's EP & Tom Kennedy did a great job on the Graphics!

 Check Charlie's music on the link below!