Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bristol Fashion Week SS'12

I love this time of year where we forget about the dark Winter days and embrace Spring/Summer with full force! I joined the lovely Gina Dyer at BFW this time, shooting some Street Style for the first BFW Bloggers Event at The Mall Cribbs Causeway - it was so lovely to see lots of gorgeously dressed pretty ladies!

We had the loveliest cakes and pink fizz before heading though to the show, where the lovely Gina bagged best seat in the house; end of the Runway, in the centre!

So Mark Heyes & Andrew Barton hosted the show, which was wonderful. I really loved the theatrical aspect to the shows, it was visually stunning with projections behind the Model's really giving you a feel for each scene.


I'm a very visual person so for me, it was wonderful! It was incredibly difficult to keep up with the ever changing lights but I like a challenge, and it worked incredibly well for the show!

Many thanks for the lovely girls who let me take their photo, and a huge thank you to Gina for letting me come along, and The Mall Cribbs Causeway for hosting the event.

To end, a very cheery summery photo of me & my lovely Assistant for the day, Rach before the show started!